Slime Review expensive slimes & mixing slime & FUNNY CAT

I welcome you dear friends on our channel Today in the video, with Vasilisa we will review these slimes I bought them in different stores I liked their volumes So let’s start Large slime packaging Inside beautiful colors The manufacturer promised that the slime will stretch and you can inflate the bubbles Inside 2 colors white and blue Let’s see. Vasilisa already smelled it She must have liked it.. so she stayed on the table. My long nails will help me to test slime and Vasilisa Here is such he within Smells good: candy Vasya want to smell ? Here is a beautiful slime Beautiful slime.. I like it very much It stretches well Very pleasant to the touch It’s big I don’t know how to make pretty roses.. I haven’t learned yet Color mixed Slime I like it transparent It’s adorable.. well stretched I haven’t seen such good slimes in a long time. Very good slime I’m thrilled. The next slime will be like this There’s a lot of glitter in it.. I love bright and shiny Vasilisa tired of sitting under the lights and decided to move to your favorite corner from there, he’ll be watching us. Vasilisa here The slide inside looks like this Smooth surface Slime is seen stood for a long time so the glitter has settled at the bottom We will mix To the touch it is pleasant and the smell Good stretches and does not tear the second slime is good.. I’m happy Stir.. added Shine Slime doesn’t stick to his hands Slime reaching …Almost The only downside is slime painted my hands either way, he’s good. The next slime is like this It is transparent with sequins I love glitter. sequins on the bottom Beautiful transparent view of the slime it remains to mix the sequins I want to see how it stretches. Today the slimes are very good many of them it is pleasant to the touch It is beautiful, I love when shiny and bright I like the color At the end of the video here is this slime It is the same company that was the first very beautiful colors Sorry to mix.. don’t know what colour it is Now pink and yellow look very nice Look what he’s like inside.. beautiful can I not get but need to such a bright pink saturated color very bright color Pleasant to touch Good fragrance Slime tight Good stretches transparent crunches Mix And the manufacturer wrote that this slime can withstand water Now we will check it So it’s true! You see it with your own eyes. Water in the slime The manufacturer did not cheat This concludes my video review Hope you enjoyed it I liked the slimes today, especially this one or this one write what you liked slime be sure to write Comments.. I read and answer them Thanks for the activity on the channel. I appreciate it. Put like if you liked the video subscribe to the channel… come again… Bye.. Bye

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