Sushi and Runt : Cat and Dog Pet Channel Trailer

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do you love cat and dog videos then
please subscribe to our channel a few years back we brought our first cats
sushi and runt home later came our cats Ramsay and Louis not long after we took
in Sam a Labrador / Australian Shepherd mix in
some of our videos we make our pets talk “what is that” the pig matches his bandana “oh
you little piggy are you okay” “hey cats are you ready” “bonjour” and in others we
catch their reactions to new products we hope you enjoy our new and older videos
through them you will learn to love our pets personalities just as we have
thanks for watching this channel trailer and hitting the like button comment and
update us on your pets have a great day hey guys I’m actually filming a little
live show here on Instagram if you’re watching at home “Put, the phone down, Put the Phone down”

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